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Many agencies present brands with tactical opportunities because that is all they know how to do. Content producers also scramble at the last minute because they need dollars even though their offerings are limited. However, large scale success can only be achieved with campaigns that are planned with cohesive layers integration, distribution and promotion in order to sell products and services. 

Other agencies do not analyze data and research from brands to determine how to craft and target content media plans. We can.  

Most agencies are not trained as storytellers nor have a comprehensive grasp of long form narrative and promotion. We do.

We don’t make a distinction between of branded content and branded entertainment. It’s about the quality of the execution and the results of the engagement. Period.

Data in. Strategy crafting. Data throughout.

While planning an omni-channel strategy for a brand is a luxury in our fast paced society filled with short span millennials it could be the best course for your brand. 

If you are doing everything right answering these questions will be easy:

Are you currently implementing an omni-content strategy?

What data-research are you using to craft your content creation and media spend?
There are always “perfect fit” opportunities that arise quickly and call for a lightning quick response but do you have a discretionary tactical budget for them?

Are AI, AR and VR initiatives even part of your conversations?

How far in the future is your team looking for potential content vehicles for brands?

Successful engagement is bigger than impressions. It increases purchase intent and drives sales and that is called brand ignition. Renwick & Company is a silo connector and our strategic thinking will sync with the goals of your AOR’s planning if you bring us in early and allow us to listen, learn and plan.


Allow us to meet with you, learn and access your needs. In turn we will present you with strategic opportunities across media outlets to drive purchase intent and sell goods.

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